Scuba Diving – Best Underwater Activity In Konkan

SCUBA diving along with water sports, para-sailing, boating and stay options, Malvan is the best choice of SCUBA diving destination to plan your holidays.

SCUBA Diving in Malvan is one of the first to offer SCUBA diving in Konkan. The dive site at Malvan beach is located at the southern end of Sindhudurg fort. A dive here gives the diver a truly open sea experience. Visitors are taken to the SCUBA dive site in a boat from the Malvan jetty.

The scuba operators organize SCUBA diving even for non swimmers and snorkeling for kids with a minimum height of 3 feet. It necessary basic training which ensure a enjoyable SCUBA diving experience in Malvan. All necessary equipments required for SCUBA diving is made available by operator group.

The scuba operators take our guests in our boats from jetty to SCUBA diving site and once we reach the dive site provide the basic training before we go under water. Once guests are comfortable breathing under water we take them further under water to different points available at the destination. Scuba operator also send a guide to capture the video of the guests dive and provide them with a C.D or flash drive after diving.

All equipments will be provided to you at the site including wet suites. Wash rooms and changing rooms are also available for your convenience. Scuba charges are flexible as per season and scuba dive destination.

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